All-In-One Ceiling Speakers for Your Bathroom

Want a simple, easy to set-up and great sounding ceiling speaker for your bathroom? 

Many people like the idea of the having ceiling speakers in their bathroom, but don't like the idea of running speaker cable back to an amplifier. It can often become too much of a task and issues can arise such as where to house the amplifier. Lithe audio bathroom ceiling speakers

The Lithe Audio Active Ceiling Speaker Range meet this problem. These active speakers have an in-built amplifier which powers the speakers and means that all they need is mains power. They are a one of a kind product that combines simplistic setup with great quality audio to give you a stress free sound system. The all-in-one systems currently come in 3 models:

Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker (IP44)

Lithe Audio bluetooth in ceiling speaker


 Lithe Audio All-in-one Wireless IP44 Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers combine an Amplifier, APTX Bluetooth Receiver (upto 30m) , and a High-Quality Speaker, to offer you the ideal All-in-one Solution for your bathroom.

Control a world of music at a touch with any Bluetooth device, streaming audio straight from any app.

Whether you’re using Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify or any other audio streaming service,
our All-in-one Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers never fail to deliver you sound at the highest of clarity.

The Lithe Audio All-in-one Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker blends incredible sound with
Amazon Alexa & Google Home, offering you a hands-free alternative to streaming your favourite tracks.

The IP44 models are water-resistant, making them ideal for bathrooms.


Lithe Audio Wi-Fi Ceiling Speaker (IP44) £347.00 View Here


Lithe Audio Wi-Fi Ceiling Speakers (IP44)

lithe Audio Wi-Fi Ceiling Speakers

Lithe Audio All-in-one Wireless IP44 Multi-Room WiFi Ceiling Speakers combine an Amplifier, WiFi Receiver, and a High-Quality Speaker to offer you the ideal All-in-one Solution.

Multi-Room stream to up to 30 master speakers using the Lithe Audio app (available on iOS and Android).
The IP44 rated speakers are water-resistant, making them ideal for bathrooms.

Access your Spotify library, stream from Tidal, Deezer, TuneIn or vTuner all within the app for multi-room audio.

All-in-one Wireless IP44 Multi-Room WiFi Ceiling Speakers allow you to stream audio from any app to any master speaker - offering you complete flexibility.

Our Master & Passive Pair allows you to configure your output into Mono Bridge or Stereo - for an even more impressive sound.

Lithe Audio Wi-Fi Ceiling Speaker (IP44) £527.00 View Here


Lithe Audio Pro Ceiling Speakers (IP44)

Lithe Audio Pro Ceiling Speaker

The All New Lithe Audio IP44 Pro Series Ceiling Speaker delivers high-resolution audio from a ceiling speaker than can be placed in your bathroom. This ultimate in-ceiling bathroom rated active speaker, offering delivery of unparalleled wireless connectivity with the added option for a hardwired connection.

Lithe Audio, the innovative UK audio brand, is delighted to have been awarded Best New Hardware 2020 by CEDIA for the PRO version of its successful Active Ceiling Speaker range.

Designed explicitly to be top of the Lithe Audio integrated speaker range. This award-winning in-ceiling active offering delivers many leading features, including the optional bolt-ons for WiSA integration for Dolby Atmos systems, PoE power delivery for the convenience of easy installation and the most comprehensive set of wireless & wired connectivity options.

Amplifier, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and ceiling speaker built-in, so all you need is power.

Group zones and stream high-quality audio from your phone or tablet throughout your home.

Connect to your AV equipment, using the high-speed digital optical cable for a high quality audio signal.

Calibrate and adjust the Treble, Mid and Bass individually, all from your phone.

Dual-band Wi-Fi 5GHz / 2.4GHz or via ethernet cable (Daisy-chain to reduce cable runs).

Fully certified, wirelessly stream from any mobile or tablet directly to the speaker.

Delivering audio steaming at 192kHz / 24bits your music has never sounded so clear.

Connect to your Google Home or Alexa devices for groupable voice control.

Designed to be easy to install, whilst holding convenient features for residential and commercial uses. Strong wireless and wired connections to your networks and compatibility with all your favourite streaming services. Look into our optional bolt-ons if you're looking for PoE functionality or WiSA if you want home cinema wireless Atmos setup.

Wireless technology is the future, but hardwired solutions are still essential in larger or commercial projects. The Pro Series Wi-Fi Ceiling Speaker allows you to choose between a number of high speed wireless connections, or a hardwired data connection using a CAT5 or CAT6e cabled connection.

Lithe Audio Pro IP44 Bathroom Wi-Fi Ceiling Speaker (Pair) £649.99 View Here