Monitor Audio WL-1 Audio Transmitter - Receiver

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Decades of dealing with long, ugly cable runs can be consigned to history in minutes by installing Monitor Audio's diminutive new WT-1/WR-1 wireless link. Measuring just 6cm round by 4cm deep, the WT-1 transmitter and WR-1 receiver establish an automatic lossless audio connection between analogue outputs and inputs over a range of up to 15 metres. The pairing is entirely intuitive and immediate: no elaborate button pushing is necessary. 

Tucked out of the way behind equipment, the WT-1 transmitter simply plugs into the analogue LFE or pre-outputs on your AVR or player, and the WR-1 receiver into the inputs of a remote subwoofer or amp. The unobtrusive, ultra-compact modules then use the 2.4GHz digital band to send uncompressed full-range audio through the air between them. Effortless installation replaces long runs of ugly wire and enable full-range, wire-free performance and convenience in any set-up missing wireless functionality, but with idle analogue inputs and outputs.

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