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In-ceiling speakers can be used throughout the house, not just in bathrooms, so in addition to moisture and water resistant speakers we also stock a great range of standard models which are suitable for any room.

Steam Rooms & Saunas - these speakers have high IP Ratings making them suitable for steam rooms and saunas.

Wet Rooms & Showers - these speakers are IP Rated and suitable for damp environments where direct water contact may occur. They utilise water resistant materials and stainless steel components to resist rusting.

Bathrooms & En-Suites - these speakers are moisture resistant but not necessarily IP Rated. As a result they are all suitable for bathrooms, but IP Rated models are recommended for locations which are very damp or susceptible to direct water contact.

Kitchens & Living Rooms - these speakers are suitable for kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms and other medium to large rooms.

Bedrooms & Studies - these speakers are suitable for bedrooms, studies, gyms and other small to medium sized rooms.

If you require any assistance choosing the right speakers for your requirements, please contact us or give us a call on 01932 629 785.

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